Amanda Irene is a graduate of College for Creative Studies and earned her a B.F.A. in Illustration in 2016.

Amanda was raised in Michigan and currently resides in Royal Oak. She is a Freelance Illustrator, Fine Artist, and has also worked as a Veterinary Assistant since 2009. She enjoys a variety of styles and media.


Artist Statement:

Through the exploration of myself and my surroundings, I intend to create paintings that are interpretations of feelings and experiences, by utilizing specific colors, viewpoints, and texture.  

 I believe the human form is beautiful and more intricate than most things we encounter. The beauty comes from not just the curves and subtleties, but also from details that some would consider flaws or imperfections. I am intrigued by skin; its texture, elasticity, reflectiveness, and the amount of color that it captures from its surroundings.   

Different mediums make it possible to highlight different aspects of form and express images and content in different lights.  

The contrast of Black and White simplifies an image at the same time as exposing intricate shapes that are otherwise overlooked. While I am working with ink my intention is to create designs that can stand alone or be used in conjunction with others to create new imagery such as patterns. 

In addition to continuing to explore art and grow as an artist, I am also passionate about Veterinary Medicine and I continue to aim to make a different in the lives of animals and their well-being and educate others on how to continue to do so.